Saturday, September 30, 2017

BOOK REVIEW - History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera

This book was insane! I first started this and haven't given it much thought especially because I haven't read anything by Adam before (big mistake). I finished this in two days because I was really anticipating how the story would end. It had me from laughing like an idiot to full on tears in minutes. 

History Is All You Left Me is about two guys, Theo and Griffin who have been best friends for a while, then their friendship started taking a turn into a full-on relationship. The pair break up and Theo gets another boyfriend, Jackson. Time passes and Theo unfortunately dies in a terrible accident that has both Griffin and Jackson meet at Theo's funeral in New York. They aren't fans of each other and they've always wanted to cut each other out, but they got over their feud to form an unlikely friendship so they would comfort each others' heartache over their mutual love for Theo. 

I loved the diversity of the book. It has the LGBTQ+ characters, one of the main characters has OCD which was portrayed perfectly well, the self-discovery aspect was on point. 

I obviously gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars because of the emotions it sparked in me, it could have been a 5 out of 5, but the direction that this book went into was not in my favor I think... The writing style flowed so easily and Adam has this distinct way of writing that makes me want to devour all of his other books. I recommend this to absolutely everyone, it's a great fast-paced read that had me thinking. It includes love and friendship and many other beautiful things so go read it NOW. 

If you have read this, comment down below your thoughts! Would love to hear from you and recommend me similar books to this because I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

THE FEEEELSSSS!!! Theo and Griffin's relationship was perfect, it was so cute it had me smiling all the time I was reading about their history and to see Griffin so engrossed in his sadness over Theo made me have actual tears in my eyes. I loved how they came out to each other, I loved their first kiss and how Griffin was all nervous around him. I loved every single detail about this right to the point where I knew future Theo had a boyfriend and I was so mad at Theo for breaking up with Griff (or that's what I thought because Griffin was still madly in love with him) and I hated Jackson's guts for intervening between these two and being an obstacle for why they couldn't just easily get back together. #TeamGriffin 

As the story progressed, I came to terms with the fact that Theo is a major asshole who wanted to have it all, he kept Griffin waiting and it wasn't healthy for him to tell Griffin upright that if he came to California he'd leave Jackson for him.. and later on we find out that Theo was so allegedly in love with Jackson that he let him in on the different kinds of kisses thing and why would someone do that? I don't hate Theo but I was so disappointed and heartbroken. I've always thought that Theo was so in love with Griffin that he just found a Griff substitute in California to be use and be with for the time being which isn't okay, but I was rooting for this relationship so hard. 

Let's move on to the Wade aspect of the story. I knew he had a thing for Griffin ever since that Cedric Diggory key chain! He mentioned it earlier when they both got him the wrong gift and then when Wade actually did it, it was clear to me who paid attention to him more and who was actually worthy of Griffin's love. 

It was sad to see Griffin always waiting on Theo, always obsessive over him in a way that wasn't fair for him because he deserved so much better, but I know how it is being with someone or being attached to someone who isn't healthy for you and you become so blinded and couldn't see the truth because you're just too in love. It's sad but it's a road to self-discovery and I'm glag Griffin went through that so he could learn and grow and know his self-worth.


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