Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WRAP UP | February 2015

Hey bookworms!

Today, I'm bringing you my February wrap up and I honestly didn't stick to my TBR, AT ALL. If you want to know what I'll be reading in March, tune in for my next post! :)


Books mentioned: 
  1. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins -- Review coming soon
  2. Falling into Place by Amy Zhang -- Click to check out my review
  3. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins -- Review coming soon

I had a terrible reading month, but hey! I read good books right? Quality not quantity.. right? *Good luck on that #0by16 challenge, Jumana..*

What books have you guys read this month? Comment down below, I'm interested to know! 
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Have a great day everybody x


  1. I never make monthly TBR's because I never stick to them lol. I read 6 books this month, and out of that , three were definite reads and the remainders were books that ended up getting switched out for something else. But I did read some great books so not complaints there. I read your review for Falling Into Place, and you were the one who actually pushed me to pick it up, so thanks girl lol. Can't wait to see your thoughts for Anna (which I read and let the hype underwhelm my experience) and The Girl On The Train, which I'm supposed to be reading this month, but we'll see how that goes.

    1. Woaa, you're in no need for monthly TBRs, you're on a roll Martika! I'd love to read 6 books, especially in February considering it's the shortest month of the year lol. YES! Quality over quantity once again, haha.

      Aww is that so? this actually made me so happy, whenever you start reading it, tweet me @booksbyjayy or dm me on goodreads! I'd love to share the feels with you. I actually reviewed Anna, but I will be posting this somewhere this month or next month, I totally get you on the hype aspect, I didn't love it as much as everyone else did.

      The Girl on the Train I still have to write a review for. YOU'LL LOVE IT AS WELL, share your feels with meee, I'd love to fangirl with you <3 ENJOY!!

  2. Ohhh Anna! I loved this a lot so I'm really looking forward to your review - same goes for "The Girl on the Train", of course!

    Like Martika, I also don't have a monthly TBR pile ... I just wouldn't finish it, I guess. I'd probably read other books even though I'm interested in the ones from my pile, idk. I usually just pick what grabs my attention when I look at my shelves. :D

    1. I did too! But I gave it 4 stars and didn't fall in love with it, probably due to the hype. The Girl on the Train on the other hand, I adored! I really need to post these reviews soon, but I cannot just post everything in one go.. I will not have any back up posts. hahaha

      Really?! I have many many choices to choose from and decide to share the ones that I'm REALLY feeling with the world. I guess I just need planning, I actually plan my books two months ahead. I love lists and planning (don't judge me, hahaha)

      Thanks for stopping by Yvonne <3

  3. Quality over quantity is always perfect! XD I'm glad you liked Falling into Place! I LOVED THAT ONE. It was really haunting. And I loved Anna and the French Kiss. Have you read Lola?! Are you going to?! That one's probably my favourite and I still have to read Isla. xD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Omg you read it?!! You need to send me a link to your review ASAP so we can gush about it.

      I did not actually, I'm waiting for summer to do so.. I cannot wait, I loved Stephanie Perkins' writing and that's one of the main reasons that gave the book an extra star!

      Oh, sure! your blog is honestly one of my favorites, thank you for returning the visit <3


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