Saturday, April 23, 2016

Discussion | Crazy Things I Thought as a Kid!

Hello lovies!
I saw Jenna Marbles do this on her channel last year and I was inspired to do one myself because I thought this is SUPER funny! So here it goes, these are 10 -rather stupid- things I thought as a kid ..

1. I thought that putting shampoo on your hair directly was the secret to healthy sleek hair. I was that dumb person who fell for ads on the TV and used to get every single shampoo so I could have straight hair like they did because my hair was naturally super curly. I would also ask every girl in my class who had straight hair what shampoo she used so I could get her hair.

2. I used to think pads were diapers for adults. I honestly thought that you wore diapers for as long as you lived.

3. This one was a very recent revelation. I have always thought that there were two kinds of chicken; those who laid eggs and those who laid chicks. To be honest, I learned the truth earlier this year. I was SHOCKED.

4. When I was young, I used to think I'll be a doctor, a journalist and a teacher. All in one. I used to gather my teddies and teach them stuff on my chalkboard. I also used to get the doctor play kit to treat my teddies and pretend I'm a doctor. I used to collect medicine leaflets secretly without my family knowing. I used to have a folder full of them. I would also borrow the daily newspaper from my dad and write out the news on my laptop in Microsoft Word and by that I thought I was a journalist myself. This is so awkward to think about..

5. This used to happen a lot when I was around 4. My parents would always take me and my baby sister at the time to the zoo and I remember vividly shouting at the lions to stop winking at me! I honestly thought the lions were flirting with me because they used to wink at me. I would cry and tell my parents to tell them to stop.

6. When I used to look at baby pictures of me, I would think that I was adopted because I looked nothing like them. I thought that my parent's daughter died, so they just replaced her with me. I would look at my old baby pictures and think she doesn't look like me AT ALL and I was waiting for my parents to tell me the truth until I grew up and realized that it's okay for people to look different from their baby photos.

7. I was obsessed with Disney and cartoons, as you do when you're a kid, but I was a teeny bit obsessive. I would think that I was Hannah Montana because I can sing and my dad can sing as well. He can play the guitar like Billy Ray Cyrus and I honestly thought I was the Egyptian Hannah Montana. I would also be invested in a cartoon SO MUCH that I would dress up like the character and convince myself that I'm living her life. Kim Possible for example.. oh god this is the most embarrassing of them all.

8. Whenever I went shopping with my parents, I would tell them pay with your credit card thinking it bought us stuff for free. I honestly thought we would buy everything for free and wouldn't have to pay for it. I realized the truth when I grew up a little bit and my dad had a long winded chat with me about how this is NOT true.

9. In 5th grade, I had very very short baby hair that never ever grew and it was really annoying me. I did everything for it to grow and nothing happened so I thought the logical thing to do was cut them off. I thought cutting them would get rid of them forever and I mean it worked, for about 2 months and then they started growing out and my mother freaked out when she knew. I am still suffering from this incident till this very moment. They never grow out thanks to me. Stupid idiot.

10. I have always been a lover of the sky, I have always spent hours admiring the sky and the clouds. When I was younger, I used to stare at the sky whenever I get in the car and watch the moon. And because I loved the moon so much, I thought it loved me back because wherever we were, it would always follow us. No matter where the destination is, it would follow our car and move along with it. Little did I know, the moon follows EVERYONE because it's in the fucking sky.

What did you think as a child? Please tell me I'm not the only one on these. If you can relate, please tell me in the comments down below!


You comments make my day! So thank youuu :) <3

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