Saturday, December 19, 2015


Hello guys!

I was recently contacted by Ryan @ Invaluable.com; a website where they put collectibles like first edition books for auction. I really liked the idea of showcasing what I would love to add to my collection from their website and what we as bookworms wish to have in our literary collection.

The first thing that I would LOVE to own is the first edition signed version of the Harry Potter books. HOW AMAZING WOULD THAT BE? It's every bookworm's dream..

Another book I'd love to have, but it is already sold is the first edition of The Great Gatsby. It's one of my favorite classics and I would do anything to get my hands on that first edition.

George Orwell's Animal Farm is by far my favorite classic, imagine having that first edition on your shelves. I would literally frame it because I would be too scared of people touching it. It was so insightful and the plot was so intriguing. I strongly recommend it if you're into politics (which I'm not and still loved it btw).

I have always been fascinated by Oscar Wilde. I find his life story interesting and it makes me wonder how his mind works so I found myself reading his books to know more about him. I didn't once regret picking his books up. His witty satire made me in love with his writing and his stories. He depicts life and tragedies of society through humor, so I'd love to have a dedicated signed edition of The Importance of Being Earnest. It's very special to me because it was the book that introduced me to Oscar Wilde.

These are some books I'd love to have that are available for auction on the website..

I found an ongoing auction for To Kill a Mockingbird. I still have yet to read this book, but how awesome will it be if I owned the first edition of it?! Especially since the second one came out.

For all those Tolkien fans out there, I present you the BEAUTIFUL first edition of The Hobbit.(1937). I think this is absolutely gorgeous. There's something about old books that just makes me happy, it is amazing to own such stuff.

What will you like your literary collection to include? I would LOVE to know♥
Also be sure to check out invaluable.com because they have amazing stuff on there!


  1. *full-out fangirling over Tolkein* Ahhh, it's so beautiful! <3 And the Harry Potter first edition! *swoons*

    This is such a creative and amazing post! These first editions all look so spectacular! I have no idea what my literary collection would like to include...there's so many choices I just want them all! :)

    -Megan, Books of Fascination


  2. I want all of the first addition Harry Potters bad! Beautiful blog! I followed back, nice to meet you!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  3. First editions are always a tresure, especially when it comes to classics. I believe there is a bookshop in the UK that only sells first editions and I would love to visit it one day and die of excitement hahaha

  4. I love theeese!!!!


  5. This is amazing! :O First edition classics are really a treasure.

    Cucie @ Cucie Reads


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