Saturday, December 12, 2015

Favorite Music | November 2015

Hey guys! 
I thought since I'm in a slump, I would post some non-bookish posts for the time being. Please leave me suggestions in the comments if you have any and your feedback on whether we share the same taste in music or not, because most people think I listen to a strange selection of music so.. tell me what you think :)

Here are my most listened to songs this past month in no particular order..

1. Tore Up - Kehlani

2. Paragraphs - Blackbear

3. Youth - Daughter (Alle Farben remix)

4. Lost in the Light - Ronzel ft. EARSLEY

5. Writings on the Wall - Sam Smith

6. Waitin for You - Demi Lovato

7. Beggin for Thread - BANKS (Gryffin & Hotel Garuda remix)

8. R.I.P 2 My Youth - The Neighbourhood

9. Dynasty - Miia

10. Afterlife - XYLO

Are any of your faves on the list? I'd love to know! Be sure to tell me if you would like more posts like this. 


  1. There were many songs I didn't know about but I do like Daughter a lot as well as Sam Smith. He has an amazing voice for sure :)

    1. That is a good thing right?! I love it when people recommend me new music, I don't know.. I do too!! Youth is more than amazing & Sam is just incomparable hahaha

      I can tell you have a great taste in music! :)♥

  2. YESS. Blackbear and The Neighbourhood are my favorites. I've had R.I.P 2 My Youth stuck in my head for weeks haha. :)

    Cari @ My Addiction: Books

    1. YES YES YES! I do love them both as well. Sweater Weather was/is my favourite song of all time! And R.I.P 2 My Youth I was just singing this morning, it's definitely amazing!♥


You comments make my day! So thank youuu :) <3

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