Thursday, September 10, 2015


Hey! I watched the trailer to The 5th Wave and I'll be talking about it! It's basically a rant since The 5th Wave is actually one of my favorite books EVER & the trailer was a major let down. Here's my review if you're interested, but I totally disliked The Infinite Sea, but this is not the point.

I'm SO pissed! I didn't like this one bit. Hear me out, these are the reasons why: I HATE CHLOE GRACE MORETZ with a passion! I don't know why she's relevant, she cannot act, she lacks emotions and I feel like she is the younger Kristen Stewart. (I was the biggest Twilight fan, but Bella always urked me)

I'm pretty pleased with all the casting choices except for Cassie (I almost called her Bella there) and Ringer. Ringer is hot and so bad ass looking, but I imagined her to be a completely different looking person. Evan Walker is SUPER hot, but I'll get to that later & I didn't notice Ben except for once, so care to let me know when else did he appear in the trailer? Because last time I checked, he's as important as Cassie. Not to mention that I liked his POV better as well. Sammy/Nugget was adorable and the little kid fit the role so perfectly. (he also follows/tweets me on twitter so.. hahaa

I hated the voice over of Chloe, she made it seem less intense than it actually is. I liked the 4 waves and how they were portrayed, but the voice over screwed it over and it didn't need at all. I like the wave that hit the bridge and the lady, that was so intense!

 I also really enjoyed the shirtless scene of Evan Walkers and the kiss was okay, but I ship them SO hard in the book. I'm actually team Evan if you haven't noticed.. I don't know how it will work out in the movie though because of Chloe. Why did the casting director do that to me?!! When I first found out I was like

Anyways, what do YOU think of the trailer? Comment your thoughts down below :)


  1. About Chloe I can't say much ... I know her but I'm not sure from which movie and right now I'm too lazy to check, haha. I don't really know anything about her acting skills so yeah, we'll see about that.

    I liked the other actors though ... Evan looks good, Ben seems handsome too (I loved his chapters so much!) but I expected Ringer to look differently. I mean, it's been a while that I read the book but wasn't she dark-skinned (or whatever's the correct word for it in english, sorry)? At least I pictured her like this in my head ... huh.

    Also it looks kinda like a disaster movie? Or is it just my impression? Seriously, I'm not sure how this will turn out ... I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

    Yvonne @ A World Between Folded Pages

    1. Hahaha I'll tell you! She was in If I Stay if you saw that. She's so bland in her acting, but we'll see in this one, maybe she is good after all..

      ME TOO! I loved loved Ben's POV. She was, she was dark-skinned and dark haired. I think she was an asian? I honestly don't remember, but she def wasn't a blondie.

      It does. I'm crossing my fingers they don't eff this up!


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