Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Hey guys! Today we'll be discussing the teaser trailer for Allegiant. Let's say.. I didn't like it. Here's why.. Watch it first and we can talk about it more below.

Seriously what is this?! I was super excited to watch this trailer since I was in the minority of those who actually enjoyed Insurgent. I loved that movie and I saw it on my birthday with my friends which makes it all that special. But this trailer? Why on earth would they add Divergent and Insurgent to that trailer? I saw the length of this video and freaked out, then my hopes died down with the fact that they recapped the last two movies! WHO DOES THAT?

Secondly, did they land on Mars? What is this red land? Why did they turn Earth into Mars? I was so frustrated by everything and I wasn't blown away one bit. I usually get the chills while watching movie trailers that I'm super excited for. I nearly cried while watching the Mockingjay trailer and this.. I have no words. PLEASE don't fuck this movie up!

It's sad because I also liked the Allegiant book (yes, I spoiled myself for the book by peaking at the last few chapters. Lesson learned, never did it again), but I liked it. I thought Veronica was playing us, until the book ended and I cried like there's no tomorrow.

I like Tris in this which her hair and all. FOUR IS BAE. I liked the quick kiss between them and the wall climbing bit was bad ass but so weird hahaha.

This had a potential to be a kick ass trailer, but sadly, it didn't meet up to my expectations, but I have my fingers crossed for the movie!

What did you think of the trailer? Tell me in the comments down below♥


  1. I also liked Insurgent as a movie. Yes, it changed some stuff but for the most part, the spirit of the book was there. However, I did not like Allegiant and it's not because of the end (I actually cried oceans because of it) but the more I thought about the book as a whole, I saw more and more plot holes and it annoyed me because I had the impression Roth took that decision at the end because it will impact her readers (which it did) and they will forget about all the things that don't add up to the story.
    The trailer looks shit, plain and simple and I'm not even sure I will waste my money and time to watch both books. Because that's another issue. I don't think that book deserves to be split up in two but hey, the industry is full of money grabbers. What can we really do?
    Sorry about the rant though :/

    1. YES YES YES! I agree with everything you're saying. I did like the book, but the story didn't really add up. I never thought of it that way that she wanted us to up the rating because of the emotional ending and I think that is what happened. I always feel like authors sometimes do that (like in All the Bright Places), I powered through that book and I totally wasn't feeling it, but the last quarter of it made me feel so emotional and I teared up a little which is why I originally gave it 4 out of 5 stars, but then lowered it to 3 or 2.5 stars. The point is, this actually does happen A LOT in YA and thank you for opening my eyes on the issue.
      I know! I felt nothing while watching, it was boring and bland. YES and I get it with mockingjay or twilight or even HP for the books to be split up in two, but this one? No. What events can they squeeze in there to make the book into 2 and half hour movies?
      It's okay!! I totally loved your rant and your view on the whole situation and as I said, your comment was an eye opener so thank you!
      It also kills me that I cannot comment on your posts because I have A LOT to say :( I hate this Noeliaaa!!!

    2. Sorry for butting in to your conversation, but I agree with everything you've both said about Allegiant!
      It's killing me that they're splitting it into two movies.

    3. OF COURSE you're not butting in Sabrina! I'm glad we're not the only ones. But that was expected, but changing the name to ascendant or some shit like that? Low.


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